Top Selling Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights in America

Tactical flashlight is arguably one of the most used and reliable gadget of our times. Not only is it a lifesaver in many emergencies, it can also be used as the perfect tool for self-defense. Additionally, the heavy-duty, small, and conspicuous tube can easily be carried in your pocket or purse. What’s more, it is never going to be questioned anywhere in the world why you are carrying a small flashlight on you.

Never heard of tactical flashlights? No worries, we will acquaint you with the king of flashlights and how useful they are for everyone in their everyday lives in this post.

Tactical Flashlights and Their Usage

Tactical flashlights were designed with the idea of providing a powerful beam that can be conveniently used, basically by security and military personnel. But with time, its advantages were such that average citizens were carrying this flashlight with them leading it to become a trend. The reason why it has gained such widespread popularity is that this flashlight can be used for self-defense purposes. It gives of a powerful beam that is 50 lumens or higher which means that if it is directly flashed in someone’s eyes, it can cause temporary blindness giving the user enough time to either flee or attack. The bulbs placed in the top tactical flashlights are LED to give maximum light power.

Another great thing about this flashlight is that the surface is either toothed bezel or has serrated edges which means that it can actually cause damage to a person when used as a baton to hit with. Its anti-roll feature ensures that the flashlight does not disappear out of sight if it falls from hand because it would not roll away. There are also many other features like low/high beam, SOS signaling function, and probe light option which lets a user get help when needed by attracting someone who’s far away. What remains the highlight though is that it is easy to carry everywhere.

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