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2. Advanced Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
(3-Day Workshop)

About the Program:

ASI's Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Workshop is an intensive 3-day workshop which emphasizes the implementation of a sound product description based on a recognized National Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standard (ASME Y14.5M-1994).

This course is designed to impart the fundamental concepts of this internationally accepted symbolic design/engineering language and will enable the various technical disciplines to correctly transmit and interpret drawing specifications. This will help save time, cut costs, and improve productivity. Participants will understand GDT methodologies and be able to apply its principles and practices properly.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to interpret drawings prepared to the ASME-Y14.5M Standard
  • How to recognize and use standard GDT symbols and terms
  • Similarities and differences between the ASME and ISO standards
  • Recognition and application of Form Tolerances, Orientation Tolerances, Location Tolerances, Profile Tolerances, and Co-axial Controls
  • How to use the ASME standard to correctly create and interpret GDT symbols and terms
  • Proper datum selection
  • How to ensure that the drawing satisfies design intent as well as manufacturing and inspection requirements
  • How to tolerance realistically, based on machine capability and available technology
  • Extended principles of GDT, including introduction to Paper Gaging, new approach to mating parts, rules, tolerance studies, feature pattern locations, slots, and additional calculations
  • Update from the Y14.5M-1982 standard to Y-14.5M-1994
  • Datum system and rules
  • 5-step implementation process

Who Should Attend?

This three-day workshop is valuable to anyone involved in the design-through-production process and users of product drawings. Anyone involved in the design-through-production process and users of product drawings should attend this workshop. It is desirable for all participants to have background knowledge or experience in the preparation and/or responsibility of definition on product drawings.

Features & Benefits:

  • The interpreter of the drawings has the responsibility to obtain and understand the National Standard
  • Drawings utilizing the National Standard should be more consistent and reduce the chances of misinterpretation
  • If disputes should arise between the company and outside activities concerning the drawing definition, the National Standard becomes the legally accepted interpretation
  • Company standards are often taken only as guidelines and, therefore, individual areas develop their own systems according to their own viewpoint.
  • GDT Fulfills a QS-9000 Requirement


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