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ASI Products and Services
On-site Implementation and Training

ASI provides on-site implementation and problem solving for all of our methods. Experiential training, team facilitation, implementation, consultation, and training sessions are among the solutions that ASI can provide for you. Companies seeking to train teams, or entire areas of the company, in these quality methods would benefit from the competitive pricing. Additional benefits are gained from working on real problems. Request Form

Publications and Software

ASI provides a full range of books, journals, software, audiovisual aids, and other resources on quality technologies, management methods and the improvement of productivity. ASI offers a complete line of software to aid in the implementation of QFD, Taguchi Methods, and SPC. ASI actively seeks manuscripts to publish on topics relevant to our clients' needs. More...

Additional Offerings
In addition to training in our core technologies, the American Supplier Institute can provide training in other Quality Improvement Technologies. More Info
Public Workshops 
ASI schedules more than 50 public workshop sessions in most methodologies throughout the year. Single individuals, usually from smaller companies, would get the most benefit from these public sessions. Detailed workshop descriptions are available.
Conferences and Symposia 

ASI, as the World Center for Taguchi Methods and a leader in bringing Quality Function Deployment to North America, annually sponsors events, such as the 1998 Total Product Development Symposium, for companies to share their successes and learn from each others' experiences in implementing various quality methods.

Worldwide Support 

ASI maintains affiliate relationships in Canada,Mexico,Brazil,Great Britain,Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Korea in order to provide services to a diversity of client needs. These aff iliates are licensed to deliver, in their resident languages, ASI products listed in our catalog. In addition, alliances have been formed with ASQC, SME, GOAL/QPC, Greater Rochester Area Council for Excellence, Seminar Works, Kepner-Tregoe, Gongos & Associates, Michigan State and other universities.

GSA Approved 

ASI holds a GSA contract (GS-23F-9768H) to provide services to the government.


The American Supplier Institute has developed a membership program for clients who have attended one of our three or four day workshops. As an ASI member you will be eligible for various discounts on our products and special programs. Listed below is a schedule of discounts we will offer you as an ASI member:

  • 10% discount on other ASI workshops attended during membership year 
  • 10% discount on ASI PRESS publications 
  • 20% discount on our Special Programs (i.e., Annual Taguchi Symposium and special conferences) 
  • Special discounts also apply to software purchases 

Request Information

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