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ASI Workshops on SPC

This is NOT your ordinary SPC course! In the past two decades many organizations, because of increased competition and renewed attention to client satisfaction, have recognized that Statistical Process Control represents a philosophy which could enable them to survive in today's global market.

With promised benefits like increased quality, productivity, and efficiency, these organizations sent representatives to learn more about this philosophy in order that they too could share in the gains.

They mistakenly believed that by understanding the mechanics behind the tools they would reach "the promised land."

Many organizations have found that this limited approach produced little more than frustration and confusion.

Why does this unwanted phenomenon exist? One reason is that too many workshops and training sessions lead attendees to believe that the statistical methods are an end in and of themselves.

Little or no attention is given to where and how these tools should be used with respect to efficient, effective process management.

ASI's Statistical Thinking workshops present a broader, more thorough methodology than the elementary construction of control charts.

We recognize and convey the idea that the statistical tools do not represent the means for improving performance. They represent the tools used to evaluate the means by which process performance is improved.

ASI's Statistical Thinking workshops concentrate not only on the mechanics used in the Seven Basic Tools of SPC (which of course is a necessary skill to acquire), but goes further to provide detail on the meaning behind the use of the tools, as well as which tools should be applied and where they should be applied.

In addition, Statistical Thinking for Manufacturing Process Control provides:

  • The Deming Approach to Quality
  • Industry-proven guidelines for SPC implementation
  • Tips on teaching SPC to plant associates
  • Basic problem-solving tools
  • An introduction toTaguchi Methods

ASI has trained over 25,000 engineers in Statistical Thinking!

ASI's workshop leaders are the most capabable in the business!

What others have said about ASI's
instructors and workshops:

"[The instructor] spent as much time as was required to assure everyone understood."
-The Budd Company

"The instructor was outstanding. He is one in a million! He combines a positive dedicated attitude to teaching and the use of SPC."
-Ford Motor Company

"Great course. I am not at all liberal in giving good evaluations, but you deserve it."
-ICI Polyurethane

"This ranks #1 of all the seminars I have ever been to. This was an excellent course . . . "
-Darling Store Fixtures

"I have been to many [other] courses and none has come close to my satisfaction as this course, and even more so the instructor."
-SKF USA, Inc.

"I am totally motivated. I called the office each day after class to share my new info!"
-Cummins Electronics

"One of the best seminars I have ever taken. Very useable material with the right depth."
-Columbia Forest Products

Statistical Thinking for Manufacturing Process Control
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ASI Workshops on SPC
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