Supply chains across US struggling to meet high demand for nitric oxide

Nitric oxide has taken off in the US and supply chains are having a hard time keeping up with all the orders.

What’s all the buzz about? Well, scientists have found that it may be used as a treatment for hypertension. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition where the pressure of blood in the arteries is so high that it can lead to major pulmonary and cardiovascular problems including strokes. Generally, there are no symptoms for the conditions and this is the reason why it is not detected in patients until they have some other condition as a result of hypertension.

One thing to understand though is the fact that high blood pressure is not always the first condition, but can be an underlying cause of some other disease like thyroid problems, kidney issues, congenital arteries, obstructive sleep apnea or adrenal gland tumors. Hypertension can also be a result of the use of some medications like decongestants, birth control pills or some other prescription drugs. Abuse of alcohol or recreational drugs can also lead to high blood pressure.

The thing to worry about is that when hypertension continues for longer periods, it can give way to life threatening diseases like heart conditions, chronic kidney disease, stroke, vision loss and more. Research during recent years show that hypertension has increased. According to the reports published by WHO, 1 in every 3 adults all over the world is suffering from high blood pressure. And this is why more and more medications are coming up for the treatment of this debilitating condition.

The use of nitric oxide is increasing, which shows that it is effective for the management of high blood pressure. The question though is this, does nitric oxide actually work in lowering the blood pressure and decreasing chances of acquiring heart diseases? If yes, then what are the side effects? Also, is it even safe to take them over a long period of time?

Nitric Oxide and Hypertension

Doctors have been recommending nitric oxide to control hypertension for some time now. They are believed to lower the blood pressure, but according to certain experts, they are more dangerous than beneficial. As per the findings of this review, Nitrogen oxide (NO) goes into the blood streams and causes vasodilatation. Since the research was conducted on mice, it was seen that NO not only decreased blood pressure, but also decreased heart rate and prevented the aggregation of platelet and leucocytes. What’s more, there also occurred an inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.

This discovery that nitric oxide works to control blood pressure was made in 1990’s by three scientists who then received Nobel Prize for their efforts and study. They discovered that this naturally occurring element, worked as vasodilator, meaning that it would relax blood vessels that were too narrow in order to allow smoother blood flow and oxygen supply to organs.

Another interesting thing to note is that people who have hypertension, atherosclerosis, or diabetes have some kind of impairment in their NO pathways. This clearly shows that whether or not someone uses nitric oxide supplements, the body already uses nitrogen from the vegetable or other food products and converts it to nitric oxide in order to fulfill many bodily functions.

Some research shows that L-arginine is what helps in releasing NO in the body. This amino acid is said to occur in natural foods and has been copied in supplements. This is the prescription drug given to not only deal with high blood pressure but also other conditions like common cold, kidney transplant, chest pain, erectile dysfunction, blocked arteries and even for migraine headaches. Even though this works wonderfully for most people, some grow allergic reaction to L-arginine.

This only happens to people who become allergic to nitric oxide and develop a rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing and swelling around the face and neck region. This is the reason why it is must that such supplements never be taken without the abstract supervision and subscription of a medical health expert.

Some Side Effects of Nitric Oxide

There are still many therapists and medical experts who do not feel that the use of nitric oxide is safe. The National Library of Medicine states that supplements of L-arginige can interfere with the use of other drugs, making their effectiveness non-existent. Some of the side effects of using NO supplements are stomach issues, increased bowel movements, cramps, or nausea.

It can also worsen the condition of asthma, potassium levels in the body and blood sugar levels. It can also increase stress levels with people that have demanding computer jobs.

Some researchers claim that nitric oxide can further instigate the disease sickle cell anemia.


Conclusions are pretty far out in favor of nitric oxide. Most researches and scientific studies show that nitric oxide is not only effective but important for the body. This means that even if individuals do not want to risk the intake of nitric oxide supplements they can always add fruits and vegetables in their diet that contain nitrogen so the body can make nitric oxide itself.

Most scientists agree thought that the use of NO supplements is not only safe, it is also going to become a proper form of therapy once it starts. There are too many benefits of nitric oxide to ignore and it can safely reduce hypertension, all the while decreasing chances of diseases like heart problems, stroke and even diabetes and renal diseases.

Of course this most certainly does not mean that everyone can start using nitric oxide on their own. It is essential that a doctor be first consulted and proper diagnosis be made before beginning the use of NO supplements. One more important thing to remember is that the use of NO is not for pregnant or feeding mothers, because as yet there have been no experiments conducted on its effects. People who already suffer from some kind of life debilitating disease would also need to ask their doctor if NO is safe for them to use.

But all in all, nitric acid can be a safe and effective therapy for not only lowering hypertension, but also relaxing arterial walls for other conditions that lead to fatality.