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Taguchi Certification for Experts
(4 Week Workshop)

About the Program:

This program has been designed to provide a means for current practitioners of Taguchi Methods to become certified by the American Supplier Institute (ASI) in the use, applications, and facilitation of Robust Design and Taguchi Methods. This will provide benefits to the organization by creating and "in-house" Taguchi expert who is well versed in the broad range of methods. This program consists of four 4-day workshops spread over nine months. With respect to the class itself, it will be limited in size to promote maximum one-on-one learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Facilitate a Robust Design project.
  • Act as an in-company expert.
  • Recognize the scope of projects and facilitate the project to completion.
  • Facilitate projects dealing with concept selection, parameter design, tolerance design, quality loss function analysis, pattern recognition, Taguchi Methods for Manufacturing Process Control (on-line), traditional DOE, swapping experiments, etc.
  • Use various Signal-to-Noise ratios.
  • Facilitate projects involving various engineering principles such as mechanical, chemical, electromechanical, electrical, electronics, biochemical, etc.
  • Use Taguchi style decomposition of Sum of Squares and ANOVA.
  • Conduct optimization of diagnostic system using Mahalanobis Distance.
  • Become an expert in Dr. Genichi Taguchiís latest thinking, i.e, Robust Design for Technology, Taguchi Methods for Manufacturing Process Control and Pattern Recognition.
  • Become proficient on both ANOVA-TM and STN software.
  • Call upon, through experience, more than 60 "best-in-class" case studies in Taguchi Methods and Robust Design.
  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of case studies, and be able to critique a case study.

Who Should Attend:

Potential in-company experts in Taguchi Style Experimentation and Robust Design. The prerequisite for embarking on this 16-day program is a basic knowledge of Taguchi Methods, such as that acquired through ASIís workshops on Taguchi Methods for Problem Solving or Robust Design.

Features & Benefits:

  • Each attendee will bring an actual project/problem from their organization, and consultation will be provided by Dr. Genichi Taguchi and Mr. Shin Taguchi in setting up a case study. The project will be completed by the en of the session with significant cost saving achieved for the organization.
  • Each attendee will receive state of the art software, books, and best-in-class case studies to create an in-company Taguchi Research Library.
  • Each graduate will continue to receive copies of articles, case studies and technical papers on Taguchi Methods and Robust Design.
  • Each graduate will automatically qualify for a 10% discount on all ASI publications, software, symposia, and courses for a period of two years from graduation.
  • Each graduate will be requested by ASI to present their case study at ASI to present their case study at ASIís symposium as an example of best-in-class.
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Taguchi Certification for Experts (4 Weeks)

Taguchi Methods for Problem Solving (4 Days)
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