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Taguchi Methods for Problem Solving
(4-Day Workshop)

About the Program:

Taguchi Methods provides a strategy for dealing with multiple and interrelated problems. Give you a process that will provide a better understanding of your products and processes. Give you a more efficient way of designing experiments for industrial problem solving using Orthogonal Arrays, while focusing on cost as a key consideration. Provide techniques for rational decision-making for prioritizing problems, allowing you to better focus your engineering resources. Provide a tool for optimizing manufacturing processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • When and where to apply Taguchi Methods for Problem Solving.
  • Evaluating quality levels in monetary terms.
  • How to deal with complex, interrelated problems.
  • How to prioritize your problems.
  • Problem solving techniques for variable and attribute output responses.
  • How to recognize the effects of uncontrollable conditions (noise) on your products or processes.
  • Three ways to approach problems with variable output responses.
  • Efficient methods for obtaining data on the problem.
  • How to formulate a problem solving experiment using Orthogonal Arrays.
  • How to select important control factors and noise factors.
  • Strategies for selecting output responses to achieve reproducible optimized results.
  • How to analyze data using a response table.
  • Effective use of the signal-to-noise ration for data analysis.
  • How to interpret results of problem solving investigations.
  • Team selection considerations.
  • Implementation guidelines.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in reducing scrap, defects and rework including problem solvers, "firefighters," quality assurance, or quality control professionals, or manufacturing engineers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Each attendee will bring an actual project/problem from their organization, and consultation will be provided by Dr. Genichi Taguchi and Mr. Shin Taguchi in setting up a case study. The project will be completed by the end of the session with significant cost saving achieved for the organization.
  • Each attendee will receive state of the art software, books, and best-in-class case studies to create an in-company Taguchi Research Library.
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Taguchi Methods For Problem Solving

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Taguchi Certification for Experts (4 Weeks)

Taguchi Methods for Problem Solving (4 Days)
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